Closer (Tokyo Remix)

楽曲情報 Closer(Tokyo Remix)  The Cheinsmokers feat. 新田真剣佑  作詞Andrew Taggart/Shaun Frank/Frederic Kennett/Ashley Frangipane/Is  作曲Andrew Taggart/Shaun Frank/Frederic Kennett/Ashley Frangipane/Is
難易度(3.5) 806打 歌詞 長文モード可タグ歌詞 音楽 洋楽
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ふりがな非表示 ふりがな表示


Hey,会う前は平気だったのにヤバいくらいに飲んでるし でもOK


Hey,二度と会いたくないやつら に君は"久しぶり"って


傷つけた your heart さびた車で街へ出た


4years,no calls 綺麗だね、君と hotel bar


And I-I-I can't stop


No,I-I-I can't stop


So baby pull me closer きっと誰かのRover




ふれた指先から蘇る記憶 まるで昨日のようさ


We ain't ever getting older You


look as good as the day I met you


I forget just I left you,


I was insane


Stay and play that blink 182-song


That we best to death in Tucson,okay


I know it breaks your heart


Moved to the city in a broke down


car And four years, no call


Now I'm looking pretty in a hotelbar


And I-I-I can't stop


No, I-I-I can't stop


So baby pull me closer


In the backseat of your Rover


That I know you can't afford


Bite that tatoo on your shoulder


Pull the sheets right off the corner


Of the mattress that you stole


From your roommate back in Boulder


We ain't ever getting older