The Golden Path

難易度(2.2) 1747打 歌詞 英字 長文モード可タグ歌詞 FGO ゲーム
FGO 2部5.5章 CM楽曲
Fate/Grand Order
第2部 第5.5章 地獄界曼荼羅 平安京 轟雷一閃
※このタイピングは「THE GOLDEN PATH」の歌詞の一部または全部を使用していますが、歌詞の正しさを保証するものではありません。



ふりがな非表示 ふりがな表示


Long ago, when humans and gods


dark spirits and "Oni"


would show with the moon


(Arrival in nights with moon)


In the land of sunrise


was an ancient


capital,where nature's ghost lurk


and rule


(Ghosts of our nature lurking)


In every corner the wishes


would whirl


Desires rumble louder


as the night would progress


When a path is only to be walked


With a righteous mind and dignity


The mark on his hand


His eyes remain enchanted


Struggle and Forces


Ponders young warrior


The missing pieces leave confusion


dark in the skies


Will the reflection


Resonate this blade


As the dawn glimmers on indigo eyes


How does one find


Conviction, how is it defined


What's the distinction


of wrong and right


Once again, grievances arise


in midst of night


There's a story of decision


for every drop of tear


falling slow to dry


(Tears falling slow to dry)


Strong emotions to all standards


How is a wish


to now be truly defined ?


(How are the wishes defined)


An evening darkened by twilight


With a red moon


It's a matter of time


Before order turns chaotic


A departure from hesitation is vital


with courage and bravery


Justice emergence


The world, to whisper one love,


That's make it to smile,


in the future.


You know right ?


And now he's telling me


"black and white" focus on history.


Would it after the course


of my history ?


Energies to transcend avoid endin'


Contrast the blooming trees,


momoi genpe.


The world be a lifesaver,


can be a weapon at the same time.


I put it down your knee


and world and I hope.


I should try it again and again.


Courageous hero


Ponders young warrior


His answer was to feel


and think for all types of life


Under the bright sun,


Below the same sky


Everything alive be joyous


and thrive


Ain't that right, my partner


Was no direct rid


but every moment spent


was well worth all of our time


We fought together


Through light and darkness


As justice glows in the path


we have walked


Now that I've found


My reply


I'm no longer bound


There's no way end can be near


I like


what you shout


So let's keep it Golden from here on


Destruction of the land was avoided


But did peace ever return ?


And what happened to the man


in the story ?


We'll have to wait and see


about that...


That's all we will speak of tonight


The end(おしまい)...