The Typing of TITANIC

難易度(2.6) 1626打 長文 英字タグ英語 映画 長文 English
Directed by James Cameron
A fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage. (Wikipedia)
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(just chill.)

Just chill.

(this better be good.)

This better be good.

(let me see that.)

Let me see that.

(get closer.)

Get closer.

(turn that up.)

Turn that up.

(hang on a second.)

Hang on a second.

(how can i help you?)

How can I help you?

(turn the camera off.)

Turn the camera off.

(i’m going home.)

I'm going home.

(god only knows.)

God only knows.

(can i get you anything?)

Can I get you anything?

(you got nothing to lose.)

You got nothing to lose.

(okay, here we go.)

Okay, here we go.

(will you share it with us?)

Will you share it with us?

(welcome aboard.)

Welcome aboard.

(i do apologize.)

I do apologize.

(i’m the king of the world.)

I'm the king of the world.

(hear, hear.)

Hear, hear.

(that’s not the point.)

That's not the point.

(i’ll miss you.)

I'll miss you.


(would you be requiring anything?)

Would you be requiring anything?

(how are you doing?)

How are you doing?

(what’s gotten into you?)

What's gotten into you?

(i don’t have a choice.)

I don't have a choice.

(don’t be absurd.)

Don't be absurd.

(count me in.)

Count me in.

(you don’t wanna do this.)

You don’t wanna do this.

(i got you.)

I got you.

(i mean it.)

I mean it.

(forget it.)

Forget it.

(that’s what everybody says.)

That's what everybody says.

(pardon me?)

Pardon me?

(well said.)

Well said.

(if you like.)

If you like.

(this is absurd.)

This is absurd.

(i figured)

I figured

(i’ll show you how.)

I'll show you how.

(you have a gift.)

You have a gift.

(you gotta work on it.)

You gotta work on it.

(leave me alone.)

Leave me alone.

(i need to talk to you.)

I need to talk to you.

(it’s so unfair.)

It's so unfair.

(let me try and get this out.)

Let me try and get this out.

(don’t think.)

Don't think.

(get out of here.)

Get out of here.

(come along.)

Come along.

(oh, not to worry.)

Oh, not to worry.



(so what happened next?)

So what happened next?

(no laughing.)

No laughing.

(don’t peek.)

Don’t peek.

(try to stay still.)

Try to stay still.

(hold on.)

Hold on.

(sorry to disappoint you.)

Sorry to disappoint you.



(anything missing?)

Anything missing?

(carry on.)

Carry on.

(don’t mind us.)

Don't mind us.

(keep up the good work.)

Keep up the good work.

(it doesn’t make any sense.)

It doesn't make any sense.

(now what?)

Now what?

(where to?)

Where to?

(what’s going on?)

What's going on?

(this is ridiculous)

This is ridiculous

(i’m sorry to inconvenience you.)

I'm sorry to inconvenience you.

(that’s it.)

That's it.

(now what?)

Now what?

(please stay calm)

Please stay calm

(take your coat off.)

Take your coat off.

(here we go.)

Here we go.

(we’re running out of time.)

We're running out of time.

(what do you think you’re doing?)

What do you think you're doing?

(this could be bad.)

This could be bad.

(you did it.)

You did it.

(let go of me.)

Let go of me.

(i’ll be right back.)

I'll be right back.

(will this work?)

Will this work?

(what’s the use?)

What's the use?

(look at you.)

Look at you.



(here, put this on.)

Here, put this on.

(why did you that?)

Why did you that?

(we’ll think of something.)

We'll think of something.

(i’m a survivor.)

I'm a survivor.

(don’t worry about me.)

Don’t worry about me.

(what could possibly be funny?)

What could possibly be funny?

(get back.)

Get back.

(we had a deal.)

We had a deal.

(it’ll be over soon.)

It'll be over soon.

(we have to move.)

We have to move.

(keep going up.)

Keep going up.

(good luck to you.)

Good luck to you.

(stop pushing)

Stop pushing

(this is where we first met.)

This is where we first met.

(this is it.)

This is it.

(knock it off.)

Knock it off.

(hold on.)

Hold on.

(what’s happening?)

What's happening?

(make sure.)

Make sure.

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