ふりがな非表示 ふりがな表示

(the load have a mercy.)

The load have a mercy.

(i feel this words of meaning.)

I feel this words of meaning.

(there’re something to say.)

There're something to say.

(it’s brings me down into my fate.)

It's brings me down into my fate.

(how many times you made me lonesome.)

How many times you made me lonesome.

(how could i reach over the mountain)

How could I reach over the mountain

(of snow.)

of snow.

(you and i)

You and I

(to think that for unfeeling.)

to think that for unfeeling.

(to look into your secret)

To look into your secret

(in your heart.)

in your heart.

(for this strange complex things)

For this strange complex things

(of my love.)

of my love.

(made me laugh,)

Made me laugh,

(ice cubes in the desert.)

ice cubes in the desert.

(don’t hurt yourself with scissors.)

Don't hurt yourself with scissors.

(like a different moon)

Like a different moon

(i’ve seen before in my life,)

I've seen before in my life,

(insanity love.)

insanity love.